The Creative Bank connects between storytellers and film & TV producers who can make screenplays a reality. On this page we will cover the basic functions of this platform and how to use it. Most questions we receive can be easily answered by either reading this page or our FAQ page. So save you time, please read these first before contacting us with your question.

Upon logging in you will arrive at your account page. If this is your first time signing-in you will be asked to sign a release form. More information about the release form can be found in our FAQ page.

Important to note: You will not be able to submit any projects before signing the release form. 

Once you signed the release form, you can now enter additional information about yourself as well as deposit projects. The side menu bar is the main method to navigate between these functions:

Clicking Deposit is only possible after signing the release form. Upon clicking Deposit, the new project page will open. When clicking an existing project from your list, the title of this button will change to Edit, allowing you to change the information for an existing project. Published projects cannot be edited. You'll need to Unpublish first.

By default, projects are only visible to you and producers cannot find them. You need to Publish them to make them available to producers. Publishing is only possible after you completed all the required fields in the project page. You can Unpublish your project at any time. Simply click on the project in your account page, and then click this button.

Removing projects erases them completely from the platform. We recommend leaving your options open by Unpublishing a project instead of removing it completely.

Clicking My Account will lead you to your profile page where you can enter additional information about yourself. It is important to update your profile so that producers know who you are and can be impressed by your previous work. 

When depositing a project to your account you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive form describing your project, as well as upload documents such as a screenplay. Take your time filling out this form. Every question is important for the "matchmaking" process between your project and a producer.

The minimum fields to fill out in order to save your project are the project title, type and genre. After filling out these fields you will be able to save your work, but you will not b able to publish it still. In order to publish your project you will need to complete all necessary fields. Depending on the type of your project (feature film, TV series or other) some fields will be grayed out. Follow the instructions on the deposit page.

Especially important to fill out properly is the log-line as it will appear on the search page for producers. A producer will be able to read your log-line and decide whether they are interested in getting more information about your project, or not.

Once you save your project, it will be added to your project list on the account page. It will look like this:

A haunted house is demolished only to reveal a portal to another world.

When clicking on a project in your list, it will be highlighted in yellow. You will then be able to edit, publish / unpublish or remove it. Note that in the upper right corner of each box, the percentage of completion is indicated. This indicates how many of the required fields you filled out. You are able to publish your project only when this number is 100%.

The maximum amount of submissions per user is 5. If you have additional projects to deposit, simply contact us to increase your quota.

The system will automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. This is to protect your information. Please make sure to save your information on the deposit page if you are stepping away from your computer.

You are now ready to start! More instructions are available on the deposit page, make sure to read them carefully and let us know if you have any question. 

Good luck!

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