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Your story stays yours.

We put it to work.

Why a Creative Bank

Your story stays yours.

We put it to work.


The challenges faced by storytellers these days seem insurmountable. Starting with the notorious blank page anxiety every writer knows well and all the way to the difficulties of getting a project made, it is no surprise that many great stories are left untold. Add to that the aggressive behavior proliferated by Hollywood studios who tend to snag a great story and leave its original creator behind, it is no wonder that many simply ask: Why even bother?


The Creative Bank was born to allow writers and story creators a platform to make their work accessible to those who seek it and want to make it - all the while retaining full ownership by the original creator. This is not unlike money placed in a bank account and making interest in revenue. They money remains yours and you can withdraw it at any time. While its in the account, the bank puts it to work for you.

It is what agents are supposed to do (but rarely do), only without the fees and the hassle. In fact, if you have an agent they can still become involved at a later stage and negotiate a deal for you.

How to write in the era of a pandemic?

As difficult and challenging as times are amid the coronavirus, there’s one fact we know for certain, life will go on. Offices and schools will eventually reopen, and for all of us in the entertainment industry, filmmaking will proceed. What we don’t know for sure is when, or how things will look during this “new-normal”.   


As of this writing, there’s still no indication when productions will resume.  Unions, government agencies and insurance companies, are still figuring out their endgame. And for the most part, the entire entertainment industry is at a standstill.


The best train of thought as a screenwriter, is to brace yourselves for the new world once production restarts.  Since there’s no timetable for when a vaccine will be created, we can only expect to follow strict protocols on set for the forcible future. There is certain to be social distancing rules, limits of people on set, sterilized work environments, and the list goes on and on. 


What does this actually mean for you as a screenwriter?  Make no mistake, we’re not trying to guide you down the path of writing another pandemic-related script. What this means for you, is that you should adapt and change your writing style to fit the times we’re living in.